Hey guys, below you'll find three unique concepts for the My First Million end tag animation. For each concept, we've provided an intro frame so you can see how we envision the animation starting as well as a resolve frame with all of the ticket artwork, etc. Take a look and let us know what you think. We can also hop on a call to discuss them as well.

Confetti Concept: Our first concept ties in with the confetti gag in the spot. We imagine a quick blast of confetti elements, cash and a few motion graphics flying towards the camera to bring on the ticket artwork.

Dream Concept: For our second concept, we went with a dreamy, almost celestial background. We were inspired here by the flashback or dream sequences in the spot.

Money Concept: For our final concept, we were inspired by the stacks and stacks of money on the ticket artwork. We imagine the camera is flying over a sea of endless money. Quickly the camera tilts up to find the ticket artwork.