• Hello Scott & Dana! I've had a blast the past 24 hours thinking about how cool the launch of the new e12 ball is going to be for Bridgestone Golf! Although I haven't had a ton of time to ideate, I do have some pretty clear ideas, as you'll see below how the spot could begin as well how one of the main characters could be handled - The Chalkboard.

    To get started, below you'll find a sequence of four style frames. My thought here was to initiate the circuit board background when the ball lands after flying into the frame.

  • After the ball comes to rest, the camera begins to pull out and pan down while rotating 90 degrees.

  • Finally, the circuit board background is fully built as we land on Bryson (obviously not him above) and his chalkboard. While the texture above was provided, I'm interested in exploring it further. For now, I've added a bit of lighting to keep it from being too flat.

    Now we move onto one of the biggest aspects in the spot... besides Bryson and Tiger of course! After our conversation yesterday, I am now sold that this should definitely be a chalkboard. But as you'll see below, I have some recommendations and ideas on how it could be treated.

  • After some thinking, I believe the chalkboard should be of a black-ish texture. This will serve us well in the fact that we'll have high contrast off of the bright circuit board background. Being dark, it will also provide us the opportunity to use color in our designs. Color could be a huge branding opportunity given the e12 is a new product with new packaging, etc.

  • Here of course is a chalkboard everyone recognizes. A classic black surface and a wooden frame.

    But the more I thought about it, it could be cool to push that boundary some... as you'll see below.

  • The thought here would be to push the boundary of a standard chalkboard and possibly give it some high-tech edginess - metal frame??? Or even a polished/colorful surface that ties into the new e12 branding. Just a thought... nothing I'm sold on, but thought you should hear it.

  • Lastly, I had one other idea for the actual prop itself! In this day and age of horizontal and vertical video, devices, etc... it wouldn't be out of this world for the chalkboard to be vertical. This could also provide more screen space for Bryson to move around on-set, etc. Again, just an idea!

    Now, as you'll see below is a very rough comp of what a portion of the chalkboard could look like as Bryson explains the physics and new technology of the new e12 golf ball.

  • This is a rough example of what we could see when the camera punches in tight. I believe that more refined designs play into Bryson's thought process and precision thinking around the course. Here I've also showed how the subtle use of color could be used.

  • OR we could really get creative with the use of color... but I think this is better served at the 19th hole! I say we stick to Bridgestone Golfs color palette for the new e12.

  • My final thoughts on what again I call a very important character in the spot - The Chalkboard. For the sake of something different I've comped it vertical, but I think once the chalkboard is filled out with all of our info from Bryson as we move the the spot, it would be nice if all of the smaller designs created one larger all encompassing design that keeps the ball and new technology front and center.

    Why do you ask that I ended this on food and drinks??? 'Cuz it's dinner time!

  • In all seriousness guys, myself and all of us here at Artifact would love to be a part of this project. It's been a dream of mine to get the band know as SNOW LEOPARD back together again. Let's do this!


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