• Hello everyone, below you'll find several (5) options/reference to get the conversation started about the style of the castle for a few of our scenes. Some of these options are 'real' castles, which can give us a lot of latitude given we might be able to find various images to use for various camera angles. Please disregard their current environments, as we'll be able to adjust for our spot.

    Also below, you'll find two comps of the KENO! board (hay wall) for us to discuss. Both of the comps are very rough, but will help us determine the way forward as we get into finishing the spot. For the sake of discussion we've used the scene where James points at the KENO! board. Design notes are below.

    We'd love to hop on the phone with you to discuss some of the things we've encountered while building the KENO! board into the live-action footage.

  • CASTLE_1

  • CASTLE_2

  • CASTLE_3

  • CASTLE_4

  • CASTLE_5

  • Above is a comp using the existing footage to create the KENO! board. While possible to go this route, we're finding limitations in resolution and extreme graininess in the footage. If we all decide that we want to go this route, there will be certain things we'll have to live with in regards to the shape of the KENO! board and lighting conditions that will change per scene.

    Below is an example of a KENO! board the we've created from scratch. This version would give us much more control in regards to size/scale, art direction, lighting, etc. For both versions, we've gone with simple white numbers on the hay. We've found that adding anything more behind the numbers, ie a texture, color, etc compromises the readability of the numbers. This version would be our recommendation going forward based on our look development.