Artifact was honored when selected to create the AICP Sponsor Reel for Atlanta, and it gave us an opportunity to really stretch our creative muscles in both live-action and design. The concept originated from our love of 90’s adventure games, and it grew from there. We tasked our team with envisioning life through the eyes of a boy completely immersed in his game world, and then see what happens when that reality bleeds into ours. Our early boards showcased pixelated characters from an 8-bit world similar to the old Atari games like Pitfall and Another World, and what emerged was a low-poly triangulated look to give the characters a more original style. The whole company had a hand in this piece downgrading our hi-res actors into low-res triangle people. Original music was crafted by our friends at Soundbyte. Special thanks goes out to Jim Issa who directed and edited the live action, and his team Helen Urriola, Producer, and Jeff Dillion, Director of Photography.