Darius Rucker loves Charleston and his home state of South Carolina, and when 9Rooftops agency invited us to help viewers "Discover South Carolina" with Darius in the driver's seat, we were all in.

The project kicked off in early 2020, but mere days before our on-location shoot, stay-at-home orders brought everything to a sudden halt. Ultimately, the pandemic could not stop us from sharing the smiling faces and beautiful places of the state: we pivoted and picked right back up in late 2020 to ride along with Darius on his hometown tour.

Artifact was there from start to finish: beginning with Darius in Charleston, SC and followed by a scenic tour through the state, our HOP Chris Papadimitriou was locked in remotely while our unstoppable team had boots on the ground with CD Ryan Tuttle overseeing the 5-day live action shoot with Director Lorenzo De Guia and our production partner Abe Froman. We then brought the beautiful footage back to ATL for edit, color, and finishing.

After a year in the making, we're proud to share these picturesque videos to inspire your next adventure!

See the entire tour of Charleston here!
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