The Ford F-Series is the leading line of truck in just about every outdoor industry: road maintenance, heavy construction, forestry, livestock…you name it and Ford is crushing the competition. This was the messaging Team Detroit asked us to bring to life in three VFX-heavy “Scoreboard” spots as part of their ongoing We Own Work campaign for Ford Truck Month. Through multiple collaborations with our Team Detroit friends over the years, we’ve developed an in-depth understanding of the F-150 Series brand. We were thrilled to use that expertise to elevate the visual language of the spots, and used just about every skill in our wheelhouse to do so. After returning from a week on-set where we provided VFX supervision (the spots were shot beautifully by VRA), we then crafted the visual messaging of Ford’s dominance in this category through strong editorial and post work. Our visual effects work included creating the CG scoreboards in Maya, sky replacement and clean up in Flame, compositing and finishing in Smoke, and finally laying down the color grade in Lustre. Check out the VFX Breakdown we put together to see just how we did it. The end result of the spots proves how Ford stands out above the others. But don't take our word for it. Just look at the scoreboard.