The story of how two cells become trillions.

The Inspiration and Process from Our Artist, Jeff Wyner:

Conception was inspired from watching the amazing progression of my young son. Witnessing his rapid development first-hand was astounding to me. Not too long ago he was a fetus in a womb, and before that, just a bundle of cells rapidly growing and multiplying; an amazing process set-off by just two single cells, each one provided by his parents. Conception tells the tale of these two cells finding each other, joining together, and forming a complex living organism.

Stylistically, I designed the piece to have a simple 2-dimensional style with a selective color palette, enhanced with small detailed lines and textures. To emphasize the difference of the male and female sex cells, the male side used bright yellows and oranges and had a more angular, harsh environments. Meanwhile, the female side was created with softer purples and pinks using smoother circles and curves making the environment more comforting and soft. Most of the animation was achieved using shape layers within After Effects, augmented by particle systems and other simple effects.